About Us

The Greatest Wine Cooler Company Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We produce a small-format, unique, well-designed and highly-functional aluminum wine cooler that is All-Canadian made. It out-performs any of the stainless steel or clay options generally available. We call it the Fresco Wine Cooler.

It keeps white wine at an optimum temperature and it tucks easily onto your dining table or side-board. Wine bottles aren't immersed in ice, so labels don't get messy and water doesn't drip off the bottle. Wine-makers appreciate that their wine is kept cold, but not too cold, and restaurateurs appreciate its function. It also finds favour at home for its unique form and decorative finishes.

This product ships duty-free under USMCA/CUSMA, CETA and the Canada-Korea FTA.

It is available world-wide through us, or through affiliates in the U.K., and South Korea. Contact us for details.